ATF Regulations and Legal Information

Is it legal?

Yes, with registration at Ezebreak LLC
per new 2016 ATF regulations:

Dealers and Customers,
        fill out the Ezebreak Registration Form  HERE

Find USA Ezebreak Dealers  HERE

Find International Ezebreak Dealers  HERE

USA Dealers, verify customer registration  HERE

Note: Massachusetts requires additional permit 10/10/2007.

Is it safe?

Yes, with reasonable precautions. 

You may read the product manuals here: 
Micro-Blaster I Manual
Micro-Blaster II Manual


  • Federal explosives license/permit 4WV-025-21-9D-00672
  • Ezebreak Micro-Blaster Cartridges Safety Data Sheet
  • ATF Exemption Document, Special Explosives Device Determination

    (ATF File 2015-801513 Ezebreak LLC SED Addendum):

    ATF Ezebreak LLC Special Explosive Device Determination 2016

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