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The philosophy of the company can be best understood by looking at the history of The Team involved in managing EzeBreak:

The Team

EZEBREAK has assembled a talented team with diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise to implement a strategic growth plan. Team members include the following:

Carroll Bassett is the inventor of the Micro-Blasterâ„¢ product line and founder of BMS, which developed the current Micro-Blasterâ„¢ systems.  BMS was originally formed in 1981 to design and produce forged and fabricated metal furniture and sculpture.  In the early 1990s, BMS began transitioning to the design of rescue equipment and other niche market products.  Development of the Micro-Blasterâ„¢ product line began in early 2002 with manufacturing and sales commencing in mid 2004. In 2005, Mr. Bassett was nominated by the Tech Museum of Innovation, San Jose, CA, as a Laureate in the Economic Development Category.  In the fall of 2006 the Micro-Blaster line of products was licensed to Ezebreak LLC as the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of the line of rock and concrete breaking equipment.  BMS continues with the ongoing development of demolition products which will be manufactured and distributed through Ezebreak LLC.

Jaime Wykle, VP of Operations: Jaime manages our Frankford, WV, assembly and shipping facility.  She has worked extensively with the line of Micro-Blaster Systems and is knowledgeable in all phases of day to day operations at Ezebreak LLC.  A graduate of Concord College and long time resident of Greenbrier County, WV, she is a valued member of our team.

Patents and Trademarks

EZEBREAK Provides solutions for a variety of industries and individuals.  Some of the solutions we knew needed to be provided did not exist, so we invented them.  Here is a sampling of some of our applied patents and trademarks:

  • US Patent # 7,069,862
    This patent was granted on 7/4/06 on the Micro-Blaster I Kit and Cartridges (Loads) and is in national phase in many foreign countries.
  • The Patent Application for the Micro-Blaster II
    is currently in PTO (60 countries) and will be entering the national phases in the middle of 2007
  • Additionally there are 2 US Provisional patents
    pending on a Hand Powered Drilling System and new cartridge design, both currently under development at BMS.

Contact Addresses and Telephone

Phone:  304-497-9970,  888-497-9970
Address:  484 Crane Road, Renick WV  24966

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