OSHA Micro-Blaster PAT Exam
Handling Powder Actuated Tools Safely

Ezebreak recommends that all users of our system take this test to become safer users of our systems.  Employers should give all employees using our Micro-Blaster systems (defined as powder actuated tools) this test as required by either State or Federal OSHA Regulators.  Training materials to be used can be found on our website or in our printed manuals.  The test contains 30 questions requiring at least 75% correct answers.  To be sure that operators use the Micro-Blaster™ in a safe manner, employers giving this test should review and correct wrong answers with their employees to make sure they have a clear understanding of the safe and proper use of these tools.  Employers should issue a card to employees certifying successful completion of this training, presentable to OSHA Inspectors on demand.  A list of correct answers is posted below along with the test.

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Micro-Blaster OSHA PAT Test Answers